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What exactly is color blindness?

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Most people go through life seeing a vast number of vibrant colors and take this for granted, but not all people can. Some people are born with color blindness which means people can only see a select number of colors. It’s rare that people only see in black, white and shades of grey like dogs do, but some people even live with this.

Many people have degrees of color blindness that lets them view most colors, but toned down a lot in vibrancy. Imagine a green pear for instance that has dried out and had the color drained from it. This is what all colors appear like for people with this type of the eye deficiency.

Some people can even see all colors normally as long as there is a bright light source around, where if the light source becomes dim the color blindness kicks in. From these examples you can see that being color blind is diverse and can impact people in varying degrees.

Usually being color blind is gained through genetics and appears from birth, but in some cases this condition can spring out of nowhere in adult life. There’s a few tests you can take including the Ishihara test and a color arrangement test to confirm whether your visual perception of colors is normal or not. A simple search for these will allow you to take it quickly and find out.