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Is LASIK eye surgery worth the price?

Published / by color

One of the best things I ever spent my money on is LASIK. People really underestimate the joy of having great vision, and this joy can be bought for a reasonable cost. I spent $2000 for both eyes, which gave me a huge improvement in the quality of my life. This eye surgery was definitely worth the price tag.

What are the biggest benefits?

Many people feel somewhat insecure when they wear glasses. Even after years of wearing them they don’t feel truly comfortable when they’re worn. You might be one of these people as I used to be. Contact lenses can solve this but rarely are they comfortable enough to wear all day.

You no longer need to wear heavy frames on your head, so activities like sports and watching movies become much more pleasurable than before the LASIK surgery. I live in California so got mine done in Sacramento, if you do too this LASIK company was great Living live without seeing everything in Sacramento as being blurry is a great experience.

People are often focused on the seemingly big cost, but there are monetary benefits too. While you may spend upwards of $2000 for both eyes, you will also save a huge amount of money that you would have spent on contact lenses or glasses over the years.

After LASIK there’s no longer a need to worry about breaking your glasses so you can be more carefree! I’ve heard good things about this LASIK company in Michigan If you value money, confidence, clarity or comfort like I do then LASIK is the procedure for you. For this reason, my opinion is that LASIK is 100% worth the money it costs. There are some negatives though, so I’ll go into detail on these quickly.

What are the biggest downsides?

Sometimes LASIK can go wrong. For instance, people can end up with under correction which means they still suffer from poor eyesight afterwards. The same can happen with cataract removal. This surgery for cataracts is the best i’ve found so far Over correction can occur too, meaning poor eyesight can also be a result of LASIK. Dry eyes are somewhat common as well, however this normally goes away with time.

I personally have noticed lacking vision in the night time after my LASIK surgery. To be honest I don’t care so much about this though. I rarely spend a lot of time awake at night so the lacking night vision doesn’t bother me much. I read that this goes away with time too.

Apart from this complications that actually last long are rare, so you can put your worries aside and take the opportunity to improve your eyesight!