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The difficulties color blindness poses and living with the condition

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The general view of color blindness is that it’s a mild condition without much impact on daily life, and this is true to an extent. Really there’s only a few hindrances, for instance:
– Not being able to gauge well whether food is cooked properly
– Limits on jobs, such as being an electrician, a pilot, a train driver and so on. Certain roles need the ability to accurate see all colors especially when the safety of others is a concern.
– Trouble distinguishing between certain similar objects
– Difficulties with reading pages on on internet with certain background and fond colors
– Trouble with learning when it comes to teachers using methods using colors
Apart from these there aren’t many other difficulties with being color blind, apart from missing out on the beauty of colors they cannot see.
Many of these issues can be worked around in the mean time, for instance changing settings on your browser so that colors are changed, and text can be more easily distinguished from backgrounds. Any emotional issues if this condition is inherited later in life are often solved with time as the color blind individual becomes more used to their new vision.
There isn’t a permanent cure as of yet, but with the advance of science and technology this could be just around the corner. With inventions like colorblind glasses now accessible to the average person, this visual defect can be more easily lived with and possibly allow people to work jobs that they would never have been allowed to work in otherwise.