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Is LASIK eye surgery worth the price?

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One of the best things I ever spent my money on is LASIK. People really underestimate the joy of having great vision, and this joy can be bought for a reasonable cost. I spent $2000 for both eyes, which gave me a huge improvement in the quality of my life. This eye surgery was definitely worth the price tag.

What are the biggest benefits?

Many people feel somewhat insecure when they wear glasses. Even after years of wearing them they don’t feel truly comfortable when they’re worn. You might be one of these people as I used to be. Contact lenses can solve this but rarely are they comfortable enough to wear all day.

You no longer need to wear heavy frames on your head, so activities like sports and watching movies become much more pleasurable than before the LASIK surgery. I live in California so got mine done in Sacramento, if you do too this LASIK company was great Living live without seeing everything in Sacramento as being blurry is a great experience.

People are often focused on the seemingly big cost, but there are monetary benefits too. While you may spend upwards of $2000 for both eyes, you will also save a huge amount of money that you would have spent on contact lenses or glasses over the years.

After LASIK there’s no longer a need to worry about breaking your glasses so you can be more carefree! I’ve heard good things about this LASIK company in Michigan If you value money, confidence, clarity or comfort like I do then LASIK is the procedure for you. For this reason, my opinion is that LASIK is 100% worth the money it costs. There are some negatives though, so I’ll go into detail on these quickly.

What are the biggest downsides?

Sometimes LASIK can go wrong. For instance, people can end up with under correction which means they still suffer from poor eyesight afterwards. The same can happen with cataract removal. This surgery for cataracts is the best i’ve found so far Over correction can occur too, meaning poor eyesight can also be a result of LASIK. Dry eyes are somewhat common as well, however this normally goes away with time.

I personally have noticed lacking vision in the night time after my LASIK surgery. To be honest I don’t care so much about this though. I rarely spend a lot of time awake at night so the lacking night vision doesn’t bother me much. I read that this goes away with time too.

Apart from this complications that actually last long are rare, so you can put your worries aside and take the opportunity to improve your eyesight!

The difficulties color blindness poses and living with the condition

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The general view of color blindness is that it’s a mild condition without much impact on daily life, and this is true to an extent. Really there’s only a few hindrances, for instance:
– Not being able to gauge well whether food is cooked properly
– Limits on jobs, such as being an electrician, a pilot, a train driver and so on. Certain roles need the ability to accurate see all colors especially when the safety of others is a concern.
– Trouble distinguishing between certain similar objects
– Difficulties with reading pages on on internet with certain background and fond colors
– Trouble with learning when it comes to teachers using methods using colors
Apart from these there aren’t many other difficulties with being color blind, apart from missing out on the beauty of colors they cannot see.
Many of these issues can be worked around in the mean time, for instance changing settings on your browser so that colors are changed, and text can be more easily distinguished from backgrounds. Any emotional issues if this condition is inherited later in life are often solved with time as the color blind individual becomes more used to their new vision.
There isn’t a permanent cure as of yet, but with the advance of science and technology this could be just around the corner. With inventions like colorblind glasses now accessible to the average person, this visual defect can be more easily lived with and possibly allow people to work jobs that they would never have been allowed to work in otherwise.

A temporary solution – Enchroma color blind correcting glasses

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A company called enchroma have now released their glasses to the public. Their color blind correcting glasses (more at unbelievably allow 4 out of 5 people with the visual deficiency to see a full spectrum of colors again. Unfortunately these do not work for people with full blindness to colors, but for people with the red-green type or others this is likely to work well. No more clashing in the colors of clothes they wear and no more blending of colors on computer or television screens.

An average of 1 in 12 men are impacted by being color blind, and more men are impacted than women due to the mechanisms involved in genetic inheritance. With the addition of these glasses these men may now be able to work jobs which they were not allowed to work before due to the visual defects they experienced. By fixing color blindness, enchroma glasses (see may have impacted society more than just allowing people to be in awe at their colorful gardens.

The medical field has also benefited from enchroma’s glasses. Now nursers can identify veins much easier as the lenses enhance the ability to see veins under the skin. Color blind nurses may now also be able to identify bruising on patients a whole lot easier by seeing the blue and green colors standing out in comparison to the skin tone.

The general consensus on these sunglasses is that they are transformative in most cases and allow for a radical change in world view (literally). A quick youtube search will allow you to see the tremendous impact this is having on people’s outlook with many people experiencing colors they have never even seen before. Can you imagine going through life without and concept of the vast array of colors and tones out there and suddenly taking all of them in at once? It’s no wonder such overwhelming emotions occur when people wear these color correcting glasses for the first time.

There are multiple different lenses available for different external conditions and people. For instance, there are indoor types and outdoor types. There are colorblind glasses specifically designed for children with smaller heads that have anti-smudge technology in order to keep them clean around kids. Contrary to what you might expect, enchroma glasses are actually fashionable too. Some look like the 3D glasses you get in the cinema, but others do look pretty great such as the aviator type.

It would be a good idea for enchroma to consider designing contact lenses next so people can see colors without the need for frames on their face, making for a more comfortable experience. There’s surely a need for it among the colorblind crowd and it must be a possibility.

What exactly is color blindness?

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Most people go through life seeing a vast number of vibrant colors and take this for granted, but not all people can. Some people are born with color blindness which means people can only see a select number of colors. It’s rare that people only see in black, white and shades of grey like dogs do, but some people even live with this.

Many people have degrees of color blindness that lets them view most colors, but toned down a lot in vibrancy. Imagine a green pear for instance that has dried out and had the color drained from it. This is what all colors appear like for people with this type of the eye deficiency.

Some people can even see all colors normally as long as there is a bright light source around, where if the light source becomes dim the color blindness kicks in. From these examples you can see that being color blind is diverse and can impact people in varying degrees.

Usually being color blind is gained through genetics and appears from birth, but in some cases this condition can spring out of nowhere in adult life. There’s a few tests you can take including the Ishihara test and a color arrangement test to confirm whether your visual perception of colors is normal or not. A simple search for these will allow you to take it quickly and find out.